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Pet Industry Voiceover by Katelyn Dawn
Pet Industry Voiceover by Katelyn Dawn
Pet Industry Voiceover by Katelyn Dawn

Pet Industry Voiceovers
by a Professional Pet Lover

I may be a voice actor, but I’ve worked in the pet industry as a pet kennel attendant, dog walker (professional and volunteer), dog groomer, pet sitter, and doggy daycare attendant. As a devoted dog mom, I always say “Dogs are my favorite humans.” I would love to bring my genuine passion for pets to your pet industry project.

I’ve been trusted by the world’s biggest brands like the Humane Society, McDonald’s, JP Morgan Chase Bank, L’Oreal, CereVe, MINI, and more to provide voiceovers for commercials, corporate videos, explainers, and on-hold messaging. You can trust that every time I will bring you:

 Fast Turnaround – Final script to final audio files in 2-24 hours!
 Beautiful Audio – Polished up & ready to post/publish/air!
Value – You get nothing but the best in audio and performance.
Authentic Performance – Pets mean the world to me, and it comes through in my read.

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{The client is thrilled! We really enjoyed working with Katelyn on this. The process was seamless and we are hoping to get more work like this [with you] in the near future.
Creative Director

Quality Guarantee

When you work with a pro you get professional audio quality always. You’ll receive broadcast-quality audio ready to post/publish/air. I provide raw or lightly edited audio in WAV or MP3 format. I can provide a professional voiceover for corporate videos or commercials for any pet industry purpose, such as…


  • Humane Society PSA
  • Pet Adoption, Pet Rescue, and Non-Profits
  • Pet Health Insurance
  • Veterinary Clinic Telephony, IVR, and On-Hold Messaging
  • Vet Clinic Videos
  • Pet Food Brands
  • Pet Apparel Brand Corporate Videos and Commercials
  • Pet Product Explainer Video Voiceover
  • Dog Grooming Training Voiceover
  • Dog Grooming Explainer Videos and Commercials
  • Pet Store Commercial Voiceover
  • Pet Informational Videos (How-To’s, Dog Breed Information, Etc.)
  • Police Dog Training eLearning Voiceover
  • Dog Training Certification eLearning Voiceover

Get a Professional Pet Industry Voiceover!

Receive a professional voiceover and get your project finished on time, on budget, and with a great performance that will impress your clients.
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Commercial Voiceover Artist Katelyn Dawn

Download Commercial Spots

  • McDonald's Commercial: Conversational, Cool, Youthful
  • Cheeky, Confident, Sarcastic - Bumble Dating App
  • Upbeat, Casual, Millennial - Podcast Management Commercial
  • Warm, Approachable, Fun, Bright - Preschool Commercial
  • Youthful, Conversational, Welcoming - University of California Commercial
  • Confident, Conversational, Trustworthy - Social Media Promotion App
  • Natural, Professional, Trustworthy - Vistaprint Commercial
  • Corporate, Trustworthy, Authoritative - Cyber Security App
  • Fresh, Luxurious, Youthful - Bare Minerals Makeup
  • Bright, Natural, Conversational - Organic Pet Shampoo

As a Professional Pet Industry Voice Actor, I will…

 Engage Your Listeners – As a professional voiceover artist who has worked in the pet industry, I’ve learned the skills needed to engage listeners by using the right conversational voiceover style, energy, and emotion needed for commercials today. I’m able to connect emotionally to your script and speak to your audience in a genuine way.

 Get Results – Commercials with a voiceover are 66% more effective according to Biteable. Why? When people relate to a brand on an emotional level they are more likely to pay attention. Emotion drives pet owners to give their pets the best life possible, so make your messaging clear.

 Hit Your Deadlines – You will receive your voiceover fast. Within 2 to 24-hours!

Create Brand Loyalists – How your brand is portrayed and represented plays a big role in gaining the trust of your client. Making choices for your pet is a great responsibility and consumers need to understand that you care about their pet too. Using a voice actor with world-class training, audio quality, and who emotionally connects with your message – means your brand is represented effectively.

 Save You Money – Avoid all the headaches and hire a professional from the start to get it done right the first time, and prevent paying for a voiceover twice!


Work with a pro from the start to get it done right, quickly, and with no hassle!

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