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Bring A Human Touch To Your Medical Narration Projects

Communicating medical information is an important task. You may be explaining safety information to patients, or instructing doctors and nurses on how to use a medical device. It is so important to make complex jargon understandable and hold the listener’s attention.

Incorporating medical narration into your videos or media is a great way to connect to your audience, making the message more accessible and relatable. This helps with overall comprehension. 

But you don’t just need a voiceover. You need a hassle-free working relationship, a fast turnaround, and quality audio that will be effective for your audience.

As an experienced voice actor with a proven track record, I can help you meet your deadlines and communicate your message clearly.

As a female with a warm, approachable, more youthful-sounding voice, I excel at making people feel safe and supported, like a helpful guide. Whether that guide is a friend, a knowledgeable colleague, or an empathetic professional. Take a listen to my demos to see how I could fit into your project.

Let’s chat about your voiceover needs and how we can partner together!

Working with me is easy!

01. Connect

Email or call me and tell me about your project.

02. Quote

We will confirm the length, genre, and usage of the voiceover, and agree on a rate.

03. Scripts

Send me your script and any voiceover directions, i.e. pronunciation guides, desired emotion/tone/energy.

04. Recording

I’ll record and edit the medical narration from my broadcast-quality studio (you can even live-direct me during this process) and deliver the files to you in the format needed.

05. Payment

Upon approval, I provide fast and easy invoicing. I accept check, ACH transfers, eTransfer, PayPalor credit cards through WaveApps software.

06. Results

You will have a professional voiceover delivered on time resulting in a successful project, and a happy client!

Quality Guarantee

I even provide a quality guarantee for my voiceover projects. I want to make sure you are happy with the voiceover you receive. 

Medical Narration covers a wide variety of media including…

  • Medical Device Information

  • Product Instructions for Doctors and Medical Personnel  
  • Patient-Facing Medical Explainer Videos
  • Clinical Trial Informational Videos
  • Drug And Pharmaceutical Promos
  • Important Safety Instructions
  • Pharmaceutical Commercials 
  • Medical Insurance 
  • Telemedicine 
  • Medical Service Explainers
  • Medical Product Explainers
  • 2d And 3d Medical Animations
  • Medical Conference Video Narration

Don’t settle for less than a professional voiceover. Use an experienced voice actor who upholds industry-standard quality work to get the job done right the first time. 

Let’s Connect!

To receive an effective medical voiceover and get your project finished on time, on budget, and to a standard of quality that will impress your clients, contact me today!

Commercial Voiceover Artist Katelyn Dawn

How Can You Use Medical Narration?

Medical narration isn’t just about boring hospital memos, or dull lectures! Technology has allowed us to expand our options for communicating medical content. As our society becomes more reliant on audio-visual information, we are pushing the boundaries on how we explain information to patients, and how medical professionals learn. From medical device instructions to explainer videos for clinical trials to 2D and 3D animations to explain how surgeries work… medical narration covers a wide range of uses.

For example, medical narration can be used in pharmaceutical campaigns, to explain important safety instructions, or to explain medical insurance policies. It can also be used to educate doctors and nurses on various medical topics or ongoing medical training, as well as in telemedicine to help patients understand virtual appointments. Medical narration is effective in creating explainers for medical services or products, whether they are filmed with live actors or in animation style.

Benefits of Using Voiceover in Your Medical Narration

Medical voiceover has the ability to transform complex and lengthy medical jargon into easily digestible information. Voiceover adds a warm human touch. A good voice actor can help a patient who is nervous about an upcoming procedure feel comforted and informed. Forming an emotional connection with patients, or medical professionals results in better comprehension. Voiceovers make medical content relatable and accessible and are much more effective in communicating important medical information than through a pamphlet. 

Download Medical Narration Demos

  • Norvasc Pharmaceutical Drug Information - Informative, Professional, Friendly, Warm
  • Insulin Pump Medical Explainer - Upbeat, Innovative, Youthful, Energetic
  • Mammogram Medical Procedure Step-By-Step Guide - Empathetic, Warm, Assuring, Friendly

As a Professional Medical Voice Actor, I will…

 Engage Your Listeners – As a professional medical narrator, I’ve learned the skills needed to engage listeners by using the right conversational voiceover style, energy, and emotion needed for medical videos today.

 Get Results – Videos with a voiceover are 66% more effective according to Biteable. Why? When people relate to a brand on a human level they are more likely to pay attention. Voiceovers engage people extremely well.

 Hit Your Deadlines – You will receive your voiceover fast. The level of technical language and the length of your script will determine your turnaround times. For long-form medical narration, I work with an audio editor to get your files completed quickly. 

Impress Your Clients – The quality of your audio plays a big role in communicating a message effectivle to your audience. Using a voice actor with a broadcast-quality studio and world-class training and experience means your clients will be proud to receive a voiceover that represents their brand effectively.

 Save You Money – Avoid all the headaches and hire a professional from the start to get it done right the first time, and prevent paying for a voiceover twice!


Work with a pro from the start to get it done right, quickly, and with no hassle!

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