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Streamline Your Workflow!
Work with an eLearning Voice Actor.

Partner with a professional eLearning voice over artist and engage your learner. An eLearning voice actor brings the right energy, tone, and emotion. Quality performance and audio help people learn.

I’d love to partner with you in creating effective and engaging learning experiences!

I’ll also help streamline your workflow so you can complete more projects, increasing your earning potential!

Happy clients include Nike, Sonic, Jimmy John’s, and Lexipol to name a few.

Connect with me today, and we can chat about partnering together!

Listen to my guest podcast appearance on Women Talking About Learning – Episode  ‘The Voiceover One’.

Working with me is easy!

01. Connect

Email or call me and tell me about your project.

02. Quote

We will confirm the length, and usage of the voiceover, and agree on a rate.

03. Scripts

Send me your script and any voiceover directions, i.e. pronunciation guides, desired emotion/tone/energy.

04. Recording

I’ll record and edit the eLearning voiceover and deliver the files to you in the format and naming convention required.

05. Results

You will have a professional voiceover delivered on time resulting in a successful project, and a happy client!

Quality Guarantee

When you work with a pro you get professional audio quality always. You’ll receive broadcast-quality audio ready to post/publish/air. I provide raw or lightly edited audio in WAV or MP3 format. I can lend my voice to various projects like:

  • Corporate eLearning
  • Professional Continuing Education
  • Onboarding Training
  • Compliance Training
  • Safety Training
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
  • Diversity and Inclusion Training
  • Microlearning Courses
  • In-App eLearning 
  • Gamified eLearning
  • Interactive eLearning 
  • Individual eLearning Courses
  • K-12 eLearning

Don’t settle for less than a professional voice-over artist for your eLearning projects. Use an experienced voice actor who upholds industry-standard quality work to get the job done right the first time.

Let’s Connect!

To receive an effective eLearning voiceover and get your project finished on time, on budget, and to a standard of quality that will impress your clients, contact me today!

WOVO Professional Member
Commercial Voiceover Artist Katelyn Dawn

Download eLearning Spots

  • Friendly, Conversational - Online Course by
  • Corporate, Authoritative, Helpful - Software Tutorial
  • Formal, Factual - Medical
  • Fun, Engaging - Video Course for Baby Sitting
  • HR Onboarding Compliance Training - Sexual Harassment
  • Excited, Perky, Happy - Kids Learn To Read
  • Warm, Empathetic - Teen Cyberbullying Course
  • Cool, Millennial - VR Training

As a Professional eLearning Voice Actor, I will…

 Engage Your Learners – As a professional eLearning voice actor, I’ve learned the skills needed to engage listeners by using the right tone, energy, and emotion, and I utilize software that removes distracting things like mouth noise.

Make Your Job Easier – You won’t have to purchase editing software, microphones, sound-absorbing treatments, OR learn how to use them!

Exceed Your Timelines – You can focus on what you do best and complete your project on time when you let someone else record, edit, process, and export your audio files.

Help You Gain Credibility with Your Audience – The quality of your audio plays a role in gaining the trust of your audience. People are less likely to learn if they think the narrator is not credible. Earn your learners trust by providing a high quality learning experience.

 Make & Save You Money – When you complete projects faster by streamlining your workflow, you are available to complete more projects in a shorter period. Also, hiring a cheap and unprofessional narrator can be costly and inconvenient when you need to rerecord audio with a professional in the end.


Work with a pro from the start to get it done right, quickly, and with no hassle!

Want to hear more reasons why working with a professional voice actor for your learning experiences is important? Read my blog posts!

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