Voice Actor Narrates AI-Generated Commercial – Creepy & Hilarious Nightmare Fuel!


So I don’t know about you but with the economy and fears of a recession (are we in one??), the writers’ strike affecting some work, and fears of AI taking over the world… I needed some comic relief! So I thought it would be hilarious if I, a professional voice actor, narrated an AI-generated commercial for a made-up pharmaceutical drug – to fix… well, an issue with AI-generated content.

What is one of the major issues with AI-generated content you ask? That is easy… AI-generated hands. For whatever reason, AI struggles HARD with creating realistic-looking hands. I can relate. when I think back to my human form drawing class in college… hands are hard dude!

The Goal:

I wanted to try and create an AI-generated promo commercial video, using AI-generated images, and an AI-generated script for a prescription that helps fix AI-generated hand problems. What could go wrong?

Step One in Creating an AI-Generated Commercial: The Prescription Name:

So first things first, I wanted to use ChatGPT to create the name of this fictional pharmaceutical drug to fix AI-generated hand issues. So I asked ChatGPT on Open AI to make up a name for this medication. I asked it to give me the name of a medication that sounds like a real pharmaceutical medication for AI-generated hand issues. And it gave me…

Palmoritex AI!!

Step two: Create the Script for my AI-Generated Commercial

Next, I needed ChatGPT to generate the script for me. So I provided the following prompts:

“Give me a 30-second commercial, for a pharmaceutical drug of the name “Palmoritex AI”. It needs to mention too many fingers coming out of too many locations, hands on both sides of an arm that go nowhere, and too many middle fingers. 

It needs to mention that the medication fixes the number of fingers and restores hands to normal human physical features.”

I pressed enter and…

It gave us a WINNER guys!!

I also went back in to tweak it. I gave ChatGPT a prompt to write me some side effects. I used some typical issues that happen with AI-generated images. Then I added in the whole disclaimer thing, like “take this medication with care”.

I did have to go in and edit some details, but it did a pretty good job of taking my direction. It mentioned everything I asked it to… but in no way can you trust it without editing the script further. 

Step Three: Recording the Narration for my AI-Generated Commercial

Next, I wanted to record the script. Obviously, I could have used an AI voice but as a professional voice actor, I obviously wanted to bring my voice to this. I think it adds to the comedy to have you know, a straight, professional VO on this nightmare fuel. And I was right. 

Step Four: Generating the AI Images for the Commercial

Next, I obviously needed to get some AI-Generated hand photos, and oh my goodness!!! Horror story there!

I first used a website called GenCraft, and its ability to create realistic images is… lacking I could say. 

I started by searching: “hands holding a pill bottle” and that gave us some special treats.

Here are a few other inputs I made:

Sad person cradling their face with both hands”… 

Happy people showing each other their hands”   

People holding up their hands to each other

So I thought I needed a few more high-quality images, and I have heard good things from Microsoft Bing, so you guys I made a Microsoft Outlook account JUST to get these images. I wanted to see if I could recreate a handshake masterpiece that I saw online where a forearm has a hand on both ends shaking another hand… so I inputted “people shaking hands”… and it wasn’t too terrible. I did get this gem.

Love how the fingernail looks like it’s falling off, and they have about a dozen fingers. 

Got “People taking pills together”, but actually it wouldn’t let me get that image! Because that could show people doing drugs, I had to name it “people taking prescription pills as directed” and it did not disappoint…


Step Five: Editing the AI-Generated Commercial

Next, I wanted to use an AI video generator program that could create a video based on your script. I wasn’t really able to find much success with this sadly. I did find this website called  “InVideo.IO”.

I started by selecting a template. I selected one that looked a little bit medical. Then I pasted my script into the script section. However, I had to break up the script into small chunks because each “chunk of script” was its own page in the template. So if I pasted the entire script into one page, I would only have one video/image… if that makes sense.

I also had to search for custom stock videos that you can use in the project, because it didn’t do that part for me.   

A little bit frustrating and a little bit annoying.

Final Product and In Conclusion!

So at the end of the day, I had my:

  • AI-Generated prescription name from ChatGPT 
  • AI-Generated script from ChatGPT
  • My professionally recorded and edited voiceover
  • AI-Generated images from Bing and GenCraft
  • What was supposed to be an AI-generated video which was a bit of a fail… but here go… 

I hope you enjoyed the video! As you can see we clearly don’t have anything to worry about on the video editor front, or photographer front! I believe copyrighters are still very much needed in the creative process. We need humans to give the thing proper prompts to AI software. Humans also need to edit the content afterward.

AI voices are just no comparison to real human voices either. If you ask a person whether they would prefer listening to an AI voice VS a human voice, they will pick a human voice every time. I haven’t done a study on this, but I guarantee this to be true! Haha, it has Katelyn’s seal of common sense-ness.

I hope you got a good laugh out of this! And I’ll catch you next time! 

Katelyn Dawn Voiceover Headshot