Ryan Koral

Katelyn has been GREAT to work with. She’s super responsive and delivers top-notch VOs to our video production team each time we’ve hired her.

Sally McCarthy

The client is thrilled! We really enjoyed working with Katelyn on this. The process was seamless and we are hoping to get more work like this [with you] in the near future.

Nathaniel Williams, Post Production Finisher, Covalent

Working with Katelyn is great! She required very little direction and when I had notes she worked them in seamlessly. Her collaborative style made working through any tough spots a breeze and she brought a unique voice to our scripts, which made our final product...

Brad Steiner, Allied Video Productions

Katelyn has worked with us on simple straightforward projects and ones that started to head sideways (on the client side).  She’s rock solid and helped us stay on schedule and on budget.

Ed Cilley – JumpCut Pictures

Katelyn was super easy to work with. My client wanted to hear several voices with different emotions, and Katelyn recorded a couple of options as a preview. This allowed us to drop it into the video and the client had an easy decision. By the time we were ready to...